Passionate Learners


Passionate Learners

Grow passion for learning. Knowledge of science is important to every society. 

This is needed to correct misconceptions about many issues. Search for knowledge entails many investigations. 

Research in any field is to push back frontier of knowledge. 

This blog lists research sites and describes the concept of research.       

This blog welcomes researchers from different academic fields who may have different research work to do in their areas.

It is intended for serious minded individuals that want to have much information within a single site. I have actually been encouraged by students who keep asking for how to source for research materials on different topics. 

 This blog offers a good starting point.

Beginners' Passion for Blogging
Sunday Adeniran

There are millions of blogs and websites on the net today, and the number still continues to increase. There are many bloggers out there and many more are added each day. Many have developed passions for blogging. Just  because you want to blog and blog correctly a lot of time have been devoted to this just course. It actually worth devoting time for blogging.

But may I remind you that you don't have to be perfect before you start, though you need to understand the basics. Once you start, you have no more boundary.

Before starting kindly read this messages, they are part of what you need to know.   

Grow Your Passion for Blogging
Grow your passion for blogging and become a passion blogger! - - - but how?

Beginners' passion 1
Control your language and use words that can convince your audience. You may not be English expert but you must write convincingly. Remember that language issues must not failed you.

Beginners' passion 2
Clearly define and understand your focus. Ability to think well and think ahead is also part of business. Think of the need of the people, what people can benefit. In this case not the way others have been doing it, but in another unique way! Show the difference. Yes, that will tell them who you are.

Beginners' passion 3
Pick the group to be focus upon. Understand their need. Find out information about them. Clearly define how your audience will benefit. Let the issue be 'my audience first' and they are very important to me. 

Beginners' passion 4
How will you get materials for this your blog? Compare the sources of your resources. How difficult, convenient or costly will the sources of the materials to be used? The best is to use your brain, yes you can make it. 

Beginners' passion 5
Don't be too much in hurry to get your paper published. Always check and recheck your information, you may even give experts to edit for you - yes.

Beginners' passion 6
Note that making money on-line is not as easy as most people are brandishing! Therefore take your time to convince your audience first, other things may follow. The best blog making platform may not give you the desire of your heart unless you are up and doing. 

Beginners' passion 7
Be confident and put in you best. No 'failure' in your dictionary, but high performance and success even in the face of adversities.  Be determined and struggle to work it out. Visit other site and cautiously learn from them. Join blogging forum and collect ideas, learn from people. Don't be shy to keep to yourself all your problems on blogging. But be cautious there are dubious individuals out there. Be strong like a lion and be wise like a snake. Let's not deceive ourself, good blogs are not made in a day, it takes time for many of the good blogs of today to mature - combine your perseverance. 
Beginners' passion 8
Grow from noting to something. Anywhere you go look for new things, ways to make your blog unique. Don't wait for anybody to think for you, NO! you may never get any. Your Pen should always get close to your pocket and at least a sheet of paper. You can never tell, a better idea may just come in the Bus one day. Go through pages of papers, magazines, other relevant document, walk on the street and always be on your toes. Your passion will soon develop, once developed you will migrate, for you have got it.

Beginners' passion 9
Lastly understand the nature of humans - they are difficult to satisfy. You cannot satisfy everybody, but continue to improve on every observation made about you and your blog.

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